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We are Francesca and Rodrigo a young international couple, an Italian 🇮🇹 and a Mexican🇲🇽 , with a passion for traveling.

We started this blog to talk about our travels and to share some ideas with people around the world! (The blog is in English-Italian-Spanish)

How we met?

FRANCESCA’S VERSION: Well, I had just finished University in Rome and, after 5 years of studies, I wanted to reward myself with a SOLO travel. So for 2 months I went from Cuba to Mexico city, then from Oaxaca to Chiapas, I stopped in Guatemala and Belize for a few days and then got back in Mexico through Yucatán.

My trip was almost over and my plane was leaving from Cancun, but I decided to go, for my last 4 days, to an isolated island a few hours from the city. So I took a bus, then a ferry and then walked at 5am to small hostel waiting for everyone to wake up to do my check-in. A few hours later, the guy asking me what I wanted for breakfast was Rodrigo.

RODRIGO’S VERSION: I was traveling all around Mexico until I get into this Island called Holbox, it was my second month. It was this day when I was working in a hostel during breakfast, when I see this beautiful girl waiting for a coffee, we made eye contact and I knew she was the one.

We spent 4 days together and then she left. But life gave us a second chance to be happy together and here we are, still loving life and traveling around, that’s our dream and she is my dream come true.



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We release weekly videos about our travels and tips on how to travel cheap, for long periods of time and enjoy it!
Every video is subtitled in English, Spanish and an Italian.

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