A Mexican 🇲🇽 and an Italian 🇮🇹exploring the world 🚀 Giving Tips and enjoying this amazing life ✈️ 📿 🗺

Traveler’s Generation is about our travel around the world.
This is a Blog where you can get some tips and inspiration for beautiful experiences!




We want to talk about the stories of the travelers that we meet along the way and what a better time than when WE are traveling?

So we are going to interview the people we find in our path and ask them always the same questions:

– Who are you and where are you coming from?
– Where are you coming from, like before here where were you?
– If you stopped here, why did you stop?
– Where do you want to go next?
– Give us one traveling tip!
– Tell us a traveling story!

We hope that talking about the stories of other people, just like us, can inspire people to travel more and maybe take away some of the fears that people have about taking their bag and go discover what is up there!
Changing the world starts from little things and we hope to make a little difference.
Keep following us and we hope you enjoy the stories of travelers from all around the world!